Are you worthy?

That’s a rhetorical question. Of course you’re worthy! You don’t believe that yet, do you? 

I didn’t either. I thought I did. After years of personal development work, yoga, meditation, coaches, therapists, shamans, etc I thought I nailed loving myself and believing I’m worthy. Turns out loving myself didn’t complete the puzzle. A deep belief of unworthiness lived within me. I looked around at my life and noticed what was happening. The results of my life tell me my beliefs. 

I was going broke. No money was coming in even though I’ve been coaching for years and a lot of people know me.

I kept saying YES to the same kinds of interactions with men. The ones where I felt like a convenience instead of pursued and appreciated.

I kept placing myself into hidden spaces (read the article about my time at Breitenbush) instead of asking for what I desired.

I settled for crumbs. I didn’t eat well and slept too much. I kept feeding my body stuff that it didn’t like. 

I don’t remember how it came to me (I was probably reading something) that the next affirmation for my life is: I AM WORTHY. Then everything started to fall into place in a matter of ONE WEEK. 



I would have thoughts and without saying anything, my desire would be met immediately. It felt magical and familiar.

  • I needed to be around friends because I was feeling massively depressed and I felt worthy to reach out
  • Because I ended up with my friends, I made a Facebook video about depression and how one single action saved me
  • Because I made the video, a bunch of friends reached out thanking me for helping them remember how to get out of their depression. One friend connected with me and my friends and was helped by my message.
  • Because I was with my friends, they asked me to participate in a plant medicine journey to which I replied HELL YES. I had a strong desire to go on a journey with friends I deeply trust and the situation that presented itself was PERFECT.
  • The intention for my journey was to remember once and for all that I AM WORTHY and to remove all blocks to this truth.
  • Medicine journey worked! I felt a deep undercurrent of calm and a sense of courage that propels me to show up exactly how I need to show up and say whatever I need to say. 
  • Throughout the week friends would invite me to amazing gatherings
  • I had an EPIC date with an epic man. It was exactly what I desired
  • I connected with amazing new men for platonic snuggles
  • I danced sensually and joyfully with lots of people
  • I was given $100 by my former boss
  • I connected with a new client who paid me $2000 cash to enroll in the Pleasure & Intimacy Immersion
  • countless massages from friends, both informal and professional
  • massive amounts of good food
  • rides to places while I waited to buy a new tire for my car

Did I mention this happened in one week?!

Affirmations are real. It’s one of my modes of genius. My previous affirmation was I AM SAFE and it prevented all kinds of disasters and illnesses from happening. Now it’s I AM WORTHY. The fun part is I can add limitless desires to the affirmation. I give custom affirmations to my clients and friends. They tell me the affirmations bear into their soul. I’ve turned skeptics into believers.

You already hear negative affirmations all the time so why wouldn’t you believe that feeding yourself positive words would shift things for you? That’s what your inner critic wants you to believe. Fuck that. Experiment with affirmations.

I am worthy of touch. I am worthy of awesome dates. I am worthy of a shit ton of money. I am worthy of ease. 

Every time a dark or untruth pops into my thoughts, immediately I hear I am worthy. It interrupts the lie. It’s my bullshit meter. 

How is unworthiness showing up in your life? Be real. 

Are you ready to believe in your worthiness?

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We love you fiercely,







Feel, accept, trust, and love yourself!

You are in!





Feel, accept, trust, and love yourself!

Be in sisterhood now!

You are in!

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