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The one and only Heather Campbell of Portland, OR. Courageous, committed, totally bad ass and just so happens to be the other face of Radical Pleasurist. She worked and played diligently with Sophia before becoming an RP Ambassador. She’s no joke – she enrolled in the Intimacy Immersion twice! Now she is joyfully Sophia’s partner in crime. Sophia couldn’t be happier to partner with Heather to lead the Radical Pleasurist movement!

I’d worked on many aspects of my life but not on the romance & intimacy aspect of life that needed the most attention at the point when I met Sophia. I felt stuck and didn’t know where to go and grow in that area. A little while after the Radical Pleasure Program was finished, I met a man and needed guidance and tools to navigate the relationship. I enrolled in the Intimacy Immersion.

My intimacy levels with family, friends, and how I portray myself at work changed. I am able to create better rapport with people I come into contact with. I don’t take everything so seriously or personally. I am able to get deeper with people and I feel good about my connections. I am able to open up even more and let people in. I allow people to be who they are and I do so with an open heart. It has lightened a load off my shoulders. I’m not as angry with my family!

I now know I’m a magical person and I have magical things to give to the world. I’m worth good things and experiences and opportunities in my life because I am a magical person. Sophia empowered me to be me to the point where men noticed and wanted to know more. I used to get shy and super sarcastic (I’m still funny) around people and now I’m me. I’m being me and projecting that out into the world.

In my relationship, I was able to fully explore it and dive in. I didn’t hold back. I wasn’t a pleaser. In the end, I truly realized that it wasn’t right for me. In the past I would have broken up within a month or two and this time I gave it a try because he was interesting to me. I didn’t try to be someone I wasn’t. I was open with my feelings. I didn’t do anything I didn’t want to do. I discovered I can be me and my needs can be met and I can meet his needs without having to compromise what I truly want.

We all have intimacy issues and any woman can benefit from these tools. She has to be at a point where she isn’t comfortable where she is in life and she needs another way. It’s just not working for her anymore. It’s scary to change but it’s more uncomfortable to continue going in the way you are going. To the sisters out there, sometimes you think you can’t. We’re taught we’re supposed to be competing against each other. We know what it’s like to be a woman and Sophia and your community can help you get through these things and we can be an awesome community together. We’re in this together! Marcy, Portland OR Radical Pleasure Program


Things really shifted after we talked and I began to celebrate who I am and how I am willing to love instead of “apologizing” and trying to ” fit in” to someone else’s image of what “love, but not too close” looked like. To my partner, I was able to say “I am not broken, or missing something, or too much of anything. We may not love the same way, but my love isn’t wrong. It’s me. The world needs love like this.” It stopped a cycle of negative patterns between both of us. I am joyful and equanimous and it allows me such compassion. You enlightened me to my own celebration. I returned to the place I have spent so much of my time. For my partner, she was surprised and surprised – and did I say surprised about this shift?

Sophia, my talk with you directly influenced that outcome. My steadiness and “being right with myself” is why there was no conflict!! I’M NOT BROKEN!! I have referred 3 people so far to you, I am so impressed. You are beautiful. Thank you for doing what you do. I will keep close and continue to move forward. Dina, Seattle WA

When I met Sophia and she mentioned that she supported women in having amazing relationships, I immediately was drawn to her. It has been a gift to enroll in her Pleasure & Intimacy Immersion. I was not feeling heard or understood in my marriage. We were having communication issues and I was not valuing myself in my life and family. I was doing a lot of work, making all the decisions, and I was exhausted. I felt pressured to have all the answers all the time. I didn’t trust that anyone can take care of things. Now I’m much more aware and free to just be ok. I’m accepting of my inner critics and I have the tools to deal with them. I used to be fearful of facing myself and I looked outside myself for answers. Now I can navigate my fear and I’m focusing on myself more than I ever have. I used to believe the negative stuff I’d hear internally and now I question that. I feel patient, more forgiving, and I accept who I am. I have boundaries with people and I communicate with people instead of avoid them now! 

My confidence and communication has increased and I’m not afraid to tell people what I think and feel. I am honest about who I am with my husband and I’m a better listener. We navigate challenges with less negativity and I’m not the one providing solutions all the time! I feel a huge weight has been lifted. Now, he steps up to make decisions and I don’t even have to ask him! I’m less of a pleaser with friends too and I’ve stopped owning everyone else’s crap. This has been the best gift to myself. Any woman who doesn’t feel heard or understood, who doesn’t know how to unlock her confidence, who is a pleaser and puts everyone else before her and takes on too much is perfect for this program and definitely ready to receive support from Sophia. Sarah, Portland OR Intimacy Immersion


I have gained incredibly valuable insights from my experiences with Sophia.  Through her guidance I have uncovered my inner critic and my inner guide. I have learned to better recognize when they are trying to influence me. This has helped me to gain trust in myself and the power of the One/God/Universe. I now trust and believe that I can become the person I want to be and create a life that is filled with the love, joy and bountiful beauty I desire. Carina, Portland OR Radical Pleasure Program

“This has been the best gift to myself.”



“I couldn’t afford not to do this.”

I didn’t know how much my lack of trust was effecting my relationships. I feel like I need to control my emotions and situations. Control has left me stressed out, in my head, and in painful situations. Sophia sees me and has helped me recognize my pattern of avoiding pleasure and vulnerability. She has taught me how effortless life and relationships can be. My life and my relationships are now fun! Rachel, Los Angeles, CA Find Rachel at www.racheldskinner.com

Intimacy Immersion and Radical Pleasure Program

I have a much deeper connection to feeling my body and LISTENING to her than ever before. The immersion has opened up my ability to prioritize myself first, to feel during a decision-making process and make choices based on what feels good to me, rather than how I think I can make it work and bend over backwards to please everyone else. My interactions with my yoga and bodywork clients have shifted tremendously in my ability to be more openly authentic in my work, and see and feel where they are in their process. The coaching has blown open my creativity and drive to overhaul my approach to my professional career and make space to dream big about what’s next for me. Everything feels very fertile and full. And my relationship with my man is feeling like we are more in flow with each other, our communication is reshaping and getting clearer and more vulnerable, our intimacy is deepening, and our sex life is rekindling in a really honest and open way. Anna, Chicago IL Find Anna at www.boldlygoyoga.com Intimacy Immersion

This program was probably the biggest investment in myself and my happiness that I have ever made! I felt myself running the other direction whenever I felt men trying to get close to me – physically and emotionally. I didn’t like how that felt and it was just time to get to the root of it. The Radical Pleasure Program was exactly what I needed. “Playing” with Sophia helped me shed a lot of cynicism about men and dating. She helped me play and experiment with intimacy and femininity, rather than assuming the worst and avoiding it all. I feel like a newer, fresher version of myself.  And I feel so much more open to love and connection, especially romantically.​ I feel so much more comfortable asking for help and accepting help from friends, family, and especially, men. My guilt around feeling like a burden has decreased significantly as well. I feel more desirable/loveable and I feel more gratitude for the connections I have with the loved ones in my life. ​I feel so much more in-tune with my intuition. 

I feel more emotionally open and at home in my body. I feel more at ease around men because I have tools to care for and stand up for myself and my needs better. My self-compassion has improved and I give less fucks about other people’s judgments. My work with Sophia helped me make huge strides in the self-love department. I feel more and more at ease in being myself and being kind to myself. As far as my wild woman nature – I am allowing myself to flirt and feel attracted to people, to laugh more and express my joyful nature more fully. Letting myself dress sexier when I want to and play with expressing my femininity more openly. I feel so much more open to dating and meeting someone and the vision of meeting someone brings me excitement more than dread now – which is HUGE!!! Kelly, Portland OR Radical Pleasure Program

When I reached out to Sophia, I had been subconsciously sabotaging my ability to have healthy and loving relationships, even though I had done a lot of self-love and codependency work. I was especially afraid that abandonment issues were causing me to disconnect from others and healthy relationships. During the program, I went deeper into my psyche and exposed and extrapolated some pain that I didn’t realize was there. I found new tools for dealing with self-criticism and fear and I learned an appreciation and patience for my feelings. I know what to do when I have fear, how to feel my feelings, and let them pass through me. I used to ignore them and pretend that I was alright. That’s an awesome healthy shift! The end result from all of this has been a deeper sense of peace and self-confidence. Now I can make some truly deep, loving, and healthy connections. I can say “no” without feeling bad. I do what is best for me even if it is unpopular or makes things more complicated for those around me. Letting myself feel, and seeing the pain and fear from the past has helped me transform. I’ve already told my friends about our work together and they want to know themselves deeply too! Melissa, Portland OR Find Melissa at www.melissakojima.net Radical Pleasure Program


I was a total pleaser with men, letting them wipe their feet on me as if I was a doormat. I used to pick abusive, controlling men that made me feel awful as if I had no worth or value. Since going through Sophia’s program, I now don’t please anyone. I look for, allow, and leave space for all kinds of pleasure in my life. I no longer feel ashamed of who I am. I now pick men that are kind, up-lifting and serve my needs. Men that accept all of me and the ones that try to pop in that are not meant to be in my life,  I have the words to let them go. If it wasn’t for her Radical Pleasure program I would still be stuck in the cycle of looking for love but ending up in abusive relationships. I am so grateful to be out of that bondage due to Sophia’s awesome teaching. Michelle, Salem OR Radical Pleasure Program and Intimacy Immersion





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