Seeing yourself anew

Do you know what it feels like to lose your shit, to totally break down, be completely unfiltered, speak and behave freely and KNOW that no matter what you bring and show of your Self, you will NEVER be left, abandoned, criticized, and you will be held and taken care of?

I didn’t know either…until a few months ago. I was spending time in deep ritual with two male friends and I experienced this kind of masculine presence where I felt complete FREEDOM to be myself. I was literally held lovingly by two men as I completely and utterly lost my shit. I had a total breakdown that was unprecedented, unplanned, and unimaginable. I sobbed uncontrollably, laughed, yelled, demanded, made endless requests, and expressed the deepest gratitude I have ever felt for men.

I know that I was able to show myself completely because I trusted them. I trusted them because I TRUSTED MYSELF. They trusted me because I TRUSTED MYSELF.

There’s a theme here…

I trust myself NO MATTER WHAT. This has taken a period of hibernation, of going dormant, of going away, and of letting things rest and germinate. It appears as if nothing is happening in the winter except death or falling away. That’s not the case at all. Things are growing to be revealed later. In the spring.

I didn’t always trust myself. I do now as a result of body tracking and feeling messages, the two simple, yet essential, tools I practice daily and teach. The key is in the trusting and simplicity. We know you’ve done a lot of “work”, self-growth, therapy, all the things. Let it lie. Now it’s time to observe the effects of all your “work”. It’s time to play.

Do you trust yourself no matter what?

What if you trusted yourself and allowed yourself to be held by someone?

What if you allowed yourself to show all of you and it was accepted completely?

Do you believe that is possible in your life?

What if you believed, without a doubt, that you were taken care of?

It’s possible. It’s inevitable when you start to believe. Just reflect on these questions. Really, that’s enough. Get used to doing less work or no work to have what you want. Trust dear ones.

We love your fiercely,

Sophia & Heather





Feel, accept, trust, and love yourself!

You are in!

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