Somatic Coaching


(aka the Yoga of releasing fear and allowing pleasure)

Relax into your Self

There is a plethora of research showing that trauma, memories, and emotions reside in the body. It’s not just in your head! Sophia has been using carefully curated asanas (sanskrit for physical postures) and pranayama (breathwork) to bring clients into deep relaxation. Once the body is allowed to relax, certain poses help release intense emotions such as fear, anxiety, doubt, anger to make room for ecstacy, joy, pleasure, compassion, bliss, and LOVE. It is an incredible process to behold! Deep rest and relaxation in the body allow the brain and mind to do its natural thing. An open body and heart allow buried memories, trauma, and stuck emotions to arise to conscious awareness so that they are acknowledged and released. They are literally untrapped from the body!

Ready to feel freer, lighter, peaceful, joyful, and at ease?

For those who feel stuck and can't think their way out of it

Somatic coaching and Yoga is for every body. Sophia guides each client on how to relax. She is masterful at suggesting adjustments for any body. She uses yoga postures, non-sexual touch, breath, and coaching to support each client in priming the body to naturally release what has been stuck and buried.

How it works

Sophia provides sessions in-person and virtually. She has worked with clients all over the world. The sessions are 90-120 minutes to allow conversation, settling into the postures, coaching, processing, and integration. It’s a gentle process. Sophia records the session so clients always have access to their transformation and celebration of freedom! 

Somatic coaching can be a stand alone session or part of one of the Radical Pleasurist programs as a bonus or add-on session (at a discounted rate).


Somatic Coaching is $250/session

This includes 90-120 minutes of coaching, a recording, and 7 days of email follow-up to check in and integrate. Don’t worry, Sophia does not leave you hanging!

The kind of freedom clients are experiencing

Putting emotions and sensations into words is difficult for me in describing my experience at Release Fear and Connect yoga with Sophia.  I had expectations of what I thought would come up, however, what my body indicated was very different from what I thought.  This is a true testament of what Sophia says about women tuning into our bodies.  My body knows what I need and paying attention to those needs only helps me grow as a woman, as a human. Thank you. Lani Portland OR

Sophia and I had an amazing session. She gave me the tools to help me find my body in fresh ways by “checking in” to my feelings, my desires, my intuition, and going in the direction of what makes me feel empowered, creative, generous, inspired, and on top of the world! She made me know the importance (and awesomeness) of my intuition, and how to honor it in decision making. She also offered some great mantras to help calm myself in the moment. Liebe Portland OR

The pleasure yoga workshop was heartwarming and a beautiful example of how enlightening simple human touch can be. Within minutes the group of strangers no longer felt like strangers, replaced by connected souls sharing positive vibes and quiet understanding. Sophia’s directions were excellent and easy to follow, it was a lovely experience! Holly Salem OR

I would like to give my account of a first hand interaction with the Release Fear & Connect to Pleasure Private Yoga Session with Sophia Treyger. Sophia has a natural sense of divine, able to be and let be. Everything I experienced was a result of her open energy guiding me to my own self reflection. Be ready to do work. While I relaxed and opened my own energy, she provided a comforting guidance, which allowed me to go deep into my soul’s callings. She pushed, where pushing was needed, but more importantly, she met me where I was, which I find to be the most important factor in healing. Having a hard time expressing my own emotions, and a very healthy skepticism, she helped me to release nuances that have been brewing inside of me since I was a child. I was surprised at what came up, but pleased with the safe space to give my own, unprompted, testimony of self, sadness, and deep-seated emotion. I struggled, but was never once unsupported. While this is yoga based, it is very much energy work, and Sophia is a natural born healer. This session made my heart, mind, and body sob, grow, refresh, gain awareness, and breathe life into struggles that have been buried. Again, this is work! This is not a one session cure all. It’s a beginning to an end. It’s an opening to forgiveness, love, pleasure and self-discovery.  As I tear up again, I thank you, Sophia, for being a powerful light! Allie Portland OR





Feel, accept, trust, and love yourself!

You are in!

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