Radical Pleasure Program

Shift from Pleaser to Pleasure

Can you relate?

  • I feel super alone and like no one really knows or gets me
  • I find it hard to trust and open up to people
  • I cry in my car or other hiding places so that no one sees me as “weak” or a burden
  • I end up in toxic (or abusive) dead-end relationships over and over again or I feel super disconnected in my current relationship
  • I live in my head and feel scared to share my feelings with people
  • I feel super depressed, anxious, and exhausted from helping everyone all the time
  • I have a hard time saying NO when I don’t want something and YES when I want something
  • I have a hard time asking for what I really want, desire, and need (I don’t know what I want)

You’re not alone! So many people, like you, feel and live this way. Deep inside, you know there is a better way. On the outside you look amazing. Let’s match your inside to your outside so you truly feel joy, peace, and pleasure in your life.

For those who are self-aware, courageous, committed to growth AND pleasure/fun/joy.

The hallmark of a conscious human is knowing, trusting, and loving your Self. Self with a capital “S” because we’re talking about your higher self. The one who knows how to guide you and where to lead you. This is the Self you have been ignoring for a long time at a very high cost. All the times you ignored the red flags or your gut feeling has made you sick. In the 6-month intensely playful, enlightening, and fun Radical Pleasure Program, you are guided to remember another way of living. You remember how to live with an open heart, a sharp and loving mind, and a supportive and wise body. It’s all in you already. Let’s dig it out. You’re not broken; you’re buried. 

The Radical Pleasure Program guides you toward living a mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually, and sexually empowered existence. You begin to shed the depression, anxiety, hopelessness and replace them with joy, peace, and pleasure. You release doubts about how amazing you are because you finally accept and love yourself completely. Lifelong destructive beliefs are replaced with the truth: you believe you are enough and you live in wonder and curiosity instead of fear.

Your relationships completely change and you notice total acceptance from friends, family, your partner, children, boss, co-workers – everyone. This acceptance comes from you BEING YOURSELF. You share your thoughts, opinions, and feelings freely and vulnerably. You stop being a PLEASER and you unhook from what others think of you. As a result, you honor yourself and others fully.

Let’s not forget how you let go of shame and guilt with ease. They no longer serve you when you are living from joy and service. Knowing and setting boundaries no longer spiral you into guilt. You say YES & NO when you mean it.

Work? Nope, this isn’t work. It’s ALLOWING, TRUSTING, AND RECEIVING. You work less and enjoy more because you rejoice in being taken care of and asking for help. It’s a complete paradigm shift from what you know and it rocks. You wake up happy and excited about life.

This is not a myth or theory. You get to live this kind of life if you choose to remember who you are as LOVE. We show you how.

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Month 1

Get intimate with the Inner Critic/Ego. What you know will free you.

Month 2

Hear your Inner Guide/Higher Self. What you hear will lead you.

Month 3

Transmute your fear. What you feel will transform you.

Month 4

Take leaps. Where you jump will exhilarate you.

Month 5

Know your calling. What you know will connect you.

Month 6

Integrate and expand into infinite joy. What you bring together will move you.

Program Features

How it's done

The Radical Pleasure Program is live and virtual, private coaching with Sophia. It is 6 consecutive months of coaching that includes TWO 50-60 minute sessions per month. An added bonus is each session is recorded and you have access to the recordings forever. The recordings are for your eyes only and are a great benefit on multiple levels. They allow you to literally witness your progress and give you many opportunities to celebrate. We often criticize ourselves for not being enough. The recorded sessions disprove that over and over again.



Sophia creates an exclusive member page for each client who enrolls. The page is only shared with you and includes all session recordings, in-depth descriptions and instructions for practices she teaches, all handouts for each month, and bonus material she often drops in there as a sweet surprise for your individual growth and benefit. There is also a private Facebook group for all program members past and present. It’s your community where you are encouraged to share your triumphs and ask for help.


Unlimited Support and Accountability

A major feature of the RPP is unlimited EMAIL support. A lot happens in two weeks and it’s the perfect time frame to practice, process, and integrate. She encourages multiple check-ins per week and she reads every email. It’s an opportunity for troubleshooting, flash coaching, and being witnessed. Check-ins increase success by keeping clients accountable and feeling supported. Clients who use this feature accelerate their learning and it sinks in deeper. Writing is a powerful healing tool for any process.

Program Bonuses

Each client is unique and Sophia has many tools to share depending on your needs. She ALWAYS gives amazing bonuses that compliment the Program. Bonuses she has given: Somatic coaching (the incredible Yoga session), books, yoni egg, various masterclasses, extra coaching sessions, valuable resources, connections to healing practitioners, admission to events, and lots more she intuits while playing with clients.

The Radical Pleasure Program is $5,000

Payment plans are available. Please complete an application first (click the link at the beginning of the page) and schedule a private 60-minute conversation with me. Let’s get to know each other.






Feel, accept, trust, and love yourself!

You are in!





Feel, accept, trust, and love yourself!

Be in sisterhood now!

You are in!

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