Radical Pleasure Program

Before I began working with Sophia I was a huge people-pleaser. I did not put myself first. I said yes to things that I didn’t want to do. I didn’t want to hurt others’ feelings so I essentially hurt myself instead. It hurts doing shit you don’t want to do that doesn’t feel in alignment with your goals/visions just to please another adult who’s perfectly capable of hearing you say “no.” An adult who will respect you more when you honor your needs. If they don’t, they don’t belong in your life.

After 6 months of coaching with Sophia I stopped giving so many fucks. I did what she asked of me. I challenged myself. It was very scary and uncomfortable, but I am incredibly thankful for my experiences. I now feel much stronger – like the badass woman I am (fully stepping into my womanhood), aligned AF, and fully accepting all the amazingness that comes my way. I fully believe I am worthy and deserving. I think and pause before responding to others and I check-in to make sure I’m not saying yes for the wrong reasons. If it’s not a fuck yes, I don’t do it. I now do my best to observe instead of react. I actively LISTEN instead of anxiously awaiting to respond in conversations. Being self-aware goes a long way. 

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Shift from Pleaser to Pleasure

Does this sound like you?

I feel super alone. No one really knows or understands me.

I don’t really trust anyone and it’s hard to open up to people.

I cry in my car or other hiding places so that no one sees how depressed I feel. I don’t want to be a burden.

I end up in toxic (or abusive) dead-end relationships over and over again and I don’t know how to break the pattern.

I feel super disconnected in my current relationships, especially with my partner/spouse.

I hate superficial conversations. I want to go deep with people.

I live mostly in my head and I feel scared to share my feelings with people. I don’t know how to share my feelings.

I feel super depressed, anxious, and exhausted from helping everyone all the time.

I have a hard time saying NO and YES. I don’t have good boundaries and I’m not sure I know what they are.

I have a hard time asking for what I really want, desire, and need because I don’t really know and I’m afraid.

These are some of the signs of being a pleaser and what is causing you great pain. Deep inside of you, you know there is a better way. On the outside you look like you have your shit together, but on the inside you are in a lot of pain. I want you to know that you’re not alone! Many people feel and live this way but they believe they are alone because they don’t talk about it…With guidance and simple yet powerful tools you can live a radically pleasurable life full of intimacy, courage, peace, calm, fun, amazing relationships, and most importantly COMMUNITY.

If you're ready to embark on your Heroine's Radical Pleasure Journey, you'll need a guide...

In most cultures, there are rites of passage and teachers to guide the journey. The women who come to me are ready to transition from girl child/good girl to sovereign woman. They are usually between 25 and 35 years old which marks a particularly challenging stage in a woman’s life. This essential rite of passage must occur in order for a woman to feel powerful and happy. Otherise she feels stuck and cannot create or move forward. She must move from relying on others to relying on her own Wisdom. She must have a guide and a community to witness her in order to successfully transition. That’s what I provide: the tools, the encouragement, the safety net, the Wise Sage, and the community. I also provide a safe and gentle therapeutic container to allow the body to release stored trauma. Less trauma in the body = more freedom to be yourself. 

The hallmark of a sovereign woman is knowing, trusting, and unconditionally loving your Self. Self with a capital “S” because I’m talking about your Wise/Divine/God Self; the one who guides and leads you. This is the Self you have been taught to ignore and you cannot hear Her. Ignoring Her has cost you a lot. All the times you ignored the red flags or your gut feeling has made you sick and untrusting. In the 6-month intensely enlightening, supportive, and playful Radical Pleasure Program, I guide you on how to access and remember your Inner Wise Woman. You will remember how to live with an open and courageous heart, a sharp and loving mind, and a supportive and wise body. It’s all in you already. You’re not broken; you’re buried under decades of bullshit beliefs

The Radical Pleasure Program gives you the tools to live a mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually, and sexually empowered life. You begin to shed the depression, anxiety, and hopelessness and replace them with joy, peace, and pleasure. You release doubts about how amazing you are because you finally accept and love yourself completely. Lifelong destructive beliefs are replaced with the truth: you believe you are enough, that you belong, and you live in wonder and curiosity instead of fear.

Your relationships completely change as a result and you notice acceptance from friends, family, your partner, children, boss, co-workers – EVERYONE. This acceptance comes from you ACCEPTING AND BEING TOTALLY YOURSELF. You share your thoughts, opinions, and feelings freely and vulnerably. You stop being a PLEASER and you unhook from what others think of you. You honor yourself and others without guilt and shame. They are no longer necessary to motivate you because you begin to give from joy and service, not obligation and fear. Setting boundaries no longer spirals you into guilt. You say YES & NO when you mean it.

This is magical, miraculous, alchemical play. It’s ALLOWING, TRUSTING, AND RECEIVING. You work less and enjoy more because you rejoice in being taken care of and asking for help. It’s a complete unprogramming from what you know. This program rocks! Don’t believe me? Read the testimonials

The Curriculum

Month 1

Learn how to receive and develop a loving and intimate relationship with your inner demons/critics. What you accept will free you.

Month 2

Connect deeply with your Inner Wise Woman. Allow her to guide you. What you hear will lead you.

Month 3

Learn the ways of energy and trauma release. Become intimate with and transmute your fear. What you feel will transform you.

Month 4

Take leaps through courageous communication. What you speak will connect you.

Month 5

Practice, practice, & more practice expressing your truth. Use the strength of vulnerability to have epic relationships.

Month 6

Integration of your skills to expand into infinite joy. 

Program Features

How it's done

The Radical Pleasure Program is private coaching with me via Zoom. It is six consecutive months of coaching that includes TWO 50-minute recorded sessions per month. You have access to the recordings forever. 



You receive a private member page that includes all session recordings, in-depth descriptions and instructions for practices, all handouts, and bonus material. There is also a private Facebook group for all program members past and present. It’s your community where you are encouraged to share your triumphs and ask for help.


Unlimited Support and Accountability

A major feature is unlimited access to me. A lot happens in two weeks and it’s the perfect time frame to practice, process, and integrate. I encourage AND expect multiple check-ins per week. That’s when I provide the best coaching; as you are living your life and practicing. I witness you without judgment and it is profoundly healing. You are not a burden! 

Program Bonuses

Every woman’s journey is unique and I have many tools to share depending on your needs. I ALWAYS gives amazing bonuses that compliment the Program. Examples of bonuses I have given to clients: yoga therapy, books, yoni egg, various masterclasses, extra coaching sessions, talismans, oracle decks, valuable resources and sessions with other healing practitioners, and free admission to events.

The Radical Pleasure Program is $5,000

$6000 if you need a payment plan. Ready to invest in yourself (probably for the first time ever)? Complete The Pleasure Manifesto first and if it’s your time to journey, I’ll invite you for a private complimentary 50-minute conversation with me.






Feel, accept, trust, and love yourself!

You are in!





Feel, accept, trust, and love yourself!

Be in sisterhood now!

You are in!

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