How We Serve

Shift from Pleaser to Pleasure

Our Mission

To shift overly self-reliant, lonely, exhausted, and untrusting people-pleasers

into wide open receivers of pleasure, prosperity, and play.

Our Vision

A worldwide community of courageous humans breaking the cycles of abuse and violence to lead with joy, pleasure, and peace as their compass.

Our Values

Whether we are making videos, writing, coaching, facilitating PLAYshops, organizing events, speaking publicly, or teaching Yoga, all of our play revolves around our values. Everything we are and give is for the purpose of connection & community-building. We know that we are interconnected and never alone. The values that guide us are:








Our Intentions

We love being with people. We love learning and teaching. We consider every interaction we have a holy encounter and gift. We know that every person who crosses our path – and the countless we will never meet – affects us and is impacted by us. We make an impact through our words, our actions, and through the unspoken (our energy, beliefs, and attitudes). Therefore, our intention is to always approach our students, customers, readers, audience, and community with LOVE. We intend to help you remember who you are as LOVE since that’s the only way to peace, ease, and conscious humanity and leadership. 

Who We Serve

We provide guidance to courageous and committed humans in the areas of Intimacy & Relationships. Intimacy espouses many avenues toward connection; something for which many humans are starved.  We believe all kinds of relationships and intimacy are major pathways to emotional, physical, and spiritual healing. To heal is to remember who you are as love.

Those drawn to play with Radical Pleasurist tend to be people-pleasers and armored. They put others’ needs first to their detriment (and the disempowerment of others) and they do not let many into their hearts. They deplete themselves by giving too much and by closing their hearts to protect themselves from discomfort, rejection, abandonment, and pain.  The level of success one has is irrelevant. Everyone fears intimacy one way or another. The courageous and highly self-aware humans that “find” us believe deeply that there is something better out there and they declare “I don’t want to feel this way anymore”. They know there is another way to live but they have no idea how to live in a way where they can feel good all the time. 

Anyone who is tired of their own armor or over-giving transform miraculously as a result of our guidance, coaching, and teaching. Have a conversation with us today and experience the transformation yourself!

Our Services

Radical Pleasure Program

The first signature program created by Radical Pleasurist. It is an in-depth 6-month program excavating your unconscious blocks to joy, pleasure, peace, ease, and love. It identifies, with a microscope, what is running the show in your life (and you don’t even know it). The program connects you intimately with your deep wisdom and gives you practices that will lead you to make decisions based on LOVE, not FEAR. RPP connects you to your calling and your innate leadership. It supports you in disrupting abusive and addictive patterns. It is uniquely geared to those who are highly self-aware and have already done an immense amount of work and healing. Clients leave the program knowing themselves as never before and trusting and loving themselves as never before.

Intimacy Soirée

A perfect introduction to Radical Pleasurist and all things INTIMACY. It is here where you experience all the intimacies: physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, and sexual. As a society, we only know tenderness and love through sex. At these events, you receive a menu of PLATONIC connection activities from which to choose. Intimacy is about honest conversation and self-love. The Soirée supports attendees in courageously identifying their desires and asking for their needs to be met within a nurturing, radically accepting, and safe community. Every attendee leaves the Soirée excited, in love, light, uplifted, cared for, and connected. Strangers always becomes friends within no time.

Your creative juices await. Please enter your details for instant access!







Feel, accept, trust, and love yourself!

You are in!





Feel, accept, trust, and love yourself!

Be in sisterhood now!

You are in!

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