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Be a Radical Pleasurist

The #1 question Sophia receives is “how did you get to do what you do?” or “how did you become a Radical Pleasurist?”. She looked over the last few years – since they have been the most pivotal – and created this EPIC DIY GUIDE to being a Radical Pleasurist. Courageous and committed humans like to do things at their own pace and can do a lot of things on their own. They just need ideas and inspiration. They need a road map and compass. If you are a self-starter and love adventure, this guide is for you. Sophia includes EVERYTHING she has read and experienced in this guide. She includes all her helpers and the process that set it all in motion. She defines RADICAL PLEASURIST and what is NOT living as a Radical Pleasurist. Choose your own adventure using this guide and you will be well on your way to living an open-hearted, joy-full, easeful, limitlessly happy, and peaceful life.

Move Sexual Energy Visualization

Sexual energy is a powerful creative energy. Learn how to move sexual energy so you can use it to fuel creativity and to release addiction to sex and toxic relationships. Break abusive patterns. Many people react to sexual feelings automatically and do things they don’t want to do because of lack of awareness and connection to the body’s wisdom. Use this guided visualization to become aware of sexual energy within you so you can gently and consciously use it how you desire and in a way that honors you and others. Be super creative and feel energized! Become the master of your feelings and body!

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