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 Hi, I’m Sophia…

The greatest LOVE of my life is teaching. I learn quickly, integrate practices and skills quickly into my being, and I teach what I learn immediately. I’m like a pressure cooker: everything inside me must be shared and come out or else I’ll blow. Everything I give to you, I live. Life is magic to me. I choose pleasure over pain 98% of the time. The other 2% of the time I’m clearing from my body and mind, in the most loving and compassionate way, all the shit programming I’ve received as a kid. I feel hella free!

My Zones of Genius:

  • Seeing what is hidden or a blind spot within you and bringing it lovingly to your awareness. What you know, you can either integrate or release
  • Transmuting all your pain into pleasure. I’m a Pleasure Alchemist as well as an Empath
  • Coaching, teaching, having conversations for hours with people
  • Creating safe containers for people in every interaction I have. People trust me and share vulnerably within groups I facilitate off the bat.

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$$ raised for Chicago's Women's Health Center as Organizer of V-Day (The Vagina Monologues)

% of the time I could snuggle

My passion and calling is ending abuse and violence cycles in relationships, starting with the one with YOURSELF. When the patterns of abuse and violence are broken, you are now open to PLEASURE and JOY.

Those who love working with me are action-takers, big leapers, and thrive on accountability. My clients love how I challenge their belief systems to make way for truth. Their relationship to themselves changes quickly and their intimate relationships become more pleasurable. My clients also experience upgrades in their creativity, sexuality, orgasm, income, and leadership skills. They feel deeply connected in a way they have never experienced before. Often they find the community they’ve been longing for all their lives.

Let’s find out together what’s blocking your pleasure and give you an upgrade!

Hi, I’m Heather.

I have experienced every major life change imaginable in the past five years alone. Divorce, selling a home, moving frequently, family drama, new job, major illness, loss of job, bankruptcy, death of a parent, an abusive relationship and difficult breakup, recovery from major illness, single parenthood, and having a child with health challenges.


Through it all I have fiercely and consistently chosen to turn toward love. Love for myself, love for my family (both chosen and biological), and love for everyone drawn into my sphere. I am thankful to myself for making all the hard choices and continuing to put one foot in front of the other. I am thankful I’ve opened myself up to new experiences, people, and places. I am already living a life beyond my wildest dreams and my dreams are getting wilder by the day.

The people I love to work with have already tried to “figure it out” alone. You’ve done the research, gone to the workshops, read the books, watched the youtube videos, and have grown and evolved a great deal as a result. You know that you can teach yourself anything given enough time, energy and motivation. However, there is still something that isn’t clicking. You are ready to do things differently and aren’t sure how. It’s time for a guide; someone who has been there and can show you the way through.

My clients experience an expanded awareness of the pleasure, intimacy and creativity available to them RIGHT NOW in their current lives. They learn how to slow down and pause; how to find that moment between “trigger” and “reaction” and instead make a choice; a choice from a place of trust.  

Are you curious about what’s on the pleasure menu for you? Schedule a free call with me here:

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How did I come to full open-hearted love? Click here >>> to read my Full Catastrophe and what in the world that means!


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Feel, accept, trust, and love yourself!

You are in!





Feel, accept, trust, and love yourself!

Be in sisterhood now!

You are in!

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