Intimacy Soirée

When do Intimacy Soirees happen?

The Soirees happen in Portland OR (and wherever we are invited and called to go). Click below to our event site and purchase tickets for an upcoming Soirée. They usually sell out!

Come to belong

Love being able to feel like we have known each other forever but we actually just met. I love sharing and pairing up with women. Kathy

I felt really welcomed and seen by Sophia right away and as though my personal journey of empowerment was really important to her. During the soirées I feel encouraged to use my voice and stand in my power and to join together with my fellow sisters to empower each other! Marissa

Sophia creates a sort of magical safe container where women can relax and share intimate or difficult feelings in an uplifting way. I loved the openness of the women and the sharing. Bravo! Savana

Community, vulnerability, honesty. Vanessa

What happens at one of these?

The space is open to all courageous humans craving closeness, connection, honesty, real intimacy, touch, and authentic conversation.

You are invited to the Intimacy Soirée: a safe space for you to show up fully as yourself and be embraced by your community. This is an inclusive event for everyone: men, women, everyone in between, couples, and singles! Come eat, drink, laugh, and open up! Know what it really feels like to NEVER BE ALONE.

We always gather in a cozy space.

* Be surrounded by magnificent people craving authentic connection.

* Have opportunities to be vulnerable, to ask for what you want, and to practice boundaries.

* Experience feeling loved, seen, heard, and appreciated just by being you.

Many themes have graced the walls and couches during Soirees. We’ve explored empowerment stories, master manifesting, the body, sex, food, grief, money, and most recently platonic & tender TOUCH. All the soirees have included opportunities to experience all the intimacies: physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, and sexual. Yep, sexual. Not in the we-need-to-get-naked and fornicate sense. We speak openly about desire, arousal, fantasy, needs, wants, and trauma. It is a sex and touch positive space. All feelings are honored and invited.

Why the Intimacy Soirée?

Honestly, Sophia started these to get private clients. She noticed how good she felt after each one. She felt high so she kept organizing them. She kept hearing the message to keep them going (even when she really wanted to quit). That was in 2015. She started with only women and in 2018, she heard the message to invite all beings, including men.

We’ve noticed and heard from many in our community that fear of intimacy and touch are rampant. We have forgotten that we are desirous beings and need loving touch. Most folks we know don’t know what they want and they certainly don’t know how to ask for it. They don’t know tender touch, without an agenda, outside of their romantic, familial, professional, or pet relationships. Unless you’re receiving a massage or cuddling with your kiddos, you are receiving touch only in the context of sex, if at all. We are severely starved! Outside of the U.S., touch is normal between friends of all genders. We heard the calling to bring our community opportunities to remember LOVE through community and touch.

At each gathering, we introduce how to build skills in saying YES and NO and learning boundaries for connection and touch. During Soirees, folks discover their edge and basque in yumminess as they navigate their edges/(dis)comfort levels in a safe and playful environment. The evening includes facilitated and structured activities to experiment with boundary-setting and receiving the TOUCH you desire. It’s also a practice in receiving NOs to release the fear of rejection.

The evening may include, and not be limited to, the following to foster intimacy:

* A communal potluck 

* The Yoga of Intimacy & Self-Love: simple yoga postures engaging the entire group for movement, connection, non-sexual touch, & communication (NO yoga experience necessary)

* Small and large group witnessing and processing around the theme for the evening

* Journaling

* Slowing down and pausing

* Free play and connecting

What our brothers and sisters are experiencing

I am a more intimate person now after the Homecoming [soirée]. And as a result others are more intimate with me. Intimacy has entered my life in a profound way, through your Homecoming Soirée. Absolutely beautiful! Whatever you are doing, it works. Don’t change a thing. Just PLEASE keep doing it! a brother

A comfortable atmosphere was created and sustained, even though I only knew one person in the group a brother

Sophia was so engaging and funny! Thanks for being so real! She held the space so well. I felt at ease and then able to feel into my edges. A really lovely event. a sister

I really appreciate you Sophia. These types of events are creating meaningful changes in all of us and hopefully in the world. Thank you for shining your light of wisdom. a sister

Profound! a brother

Incredible and powerful guided evening of sisterhood! A beautiful life-long memory. It was such a safe place emotionally. Natalie

I have felt truly blessed by attending the Women’s Intimacy Soirees.  I always leave inspired and energized.  The environment feels incredibly safe and open, topics always bring me a lot of value, and the women are incredible.  One of the unforeseen benefits of this gathering, for me, has been the connections and friendship that have come from it. The format always seems to break down boundaries and by the end it seems like every woman is an open heart. I would highly recommend this to any and all women. Terra

The evening was full of empowerment. The space felt safe, inviting, and encouraging.  This experience was wonderful. I felt strong,  powerful,  and free after the soiree.  The women were absolutely incredible.  I highly recommend the experience for any woman looking to engage with herself and other amazing women. I look forward to attending more in the future. Allie

I felt very open and safe. I liked meeting new “friends” and traded numbers with 3 of the ladies there. What a great way to expand your community and meet new women. I liked that everyone seemed to be in a joyful and open mood. Sophia setting that mood. My take away from the night was being more specific in a simple way. I like the reminder that our desires don’t always show up in the package we thought they would. This Soiree got me thinking more about how we ask for things, what is the big picture and what is at the core of our desires. I now want to focus more on how I want to feel, trying on that feeling while I am visualizing myself accomplished. I’ll be coming again! Amber

I loved the energy, love, acceptance, strength, and all the brilliant, badass beauty! This intimacy soiree was my first. When I was invited my heart lit up. It was what I needed but I was so unsure if I would actually go. I contemplated if I had the courage to go knowing it would require me to come out of my comfort zone. Just showing up was a step of growth. It challenged me for all the right reasons. Sophia is an incredible beam of light. She is warm and welcoming and has such a fierce desire for life. I encourage all women to attend one of her intimacy soirees!! I want every single woman existing to feel like the goddess she is. This brought light to us. To our worth. To the immense love that is constantly surrounding us. We are so lucky to have this in our lives. Thank you Sophia! Alisha

Coming out of an abusive marriage and being isolated and estranged from everyone I knew, and then connecting with other local women through presence and loving touch during Sophia’s class, was so revitalizing for me! Loved the interactions and the soft feminine essence of sisterhood. Broke down in tears from experiencing yoga touch. Such sweet release! Thank you Sophia for an amazing time! Liebe

Thanks for having me, I genuinely enjoy every time I get to spend time with you and take part in a Soirée. It’s always enlightening and renewing. I was pleased that, with the support of other women in the group, I could attempt yoga stretches that might have seemed too intimidating to do on my own. The gentle focus on finding my “happy place” within each pose, and reminders that I could communicate needs with my stretch partners, and honor my own needs and limits, helped make it a safe and encouraging space to connect. I look forward to the next session! Blossom

Sophia did a really lovely job of teaching both the physical moves and prompted us to understand to ask for the support that we needed in the various positions and poses. I loved the idea of using the physical support of the yoga moves to remind me of the emotional support that is so available to me via the incredible women I know. And the practice that I got from simply telling someone about the adjustments needing to be made, again in such a physical way, which is a brilliant way to start to learn how to ask for what you need in an emotional way as well. I was left feeling open both physically and emotionally. Beautiful experience. Bev

The History

The Soirée was born in the Fall of 2015 when over 25 women gathered in a small livingroom in Beaverton, OR to share food, wine, and themselves. Women opened up to each other in unprecedented ways and left feeling connected, seen, heard, and accepted. Every Soirée has provided women (and now everyone) with an abundance of opportunities to be vulnerable, to be witnessed, to learn something new and fresh about themselves, and create strong bonds with each other. Each human is encouraged to come to their edge and stretch beyond fear. The Soirée is incredibly healing for all.






Feel, accept, trust, and love yourself!

You are in!





Feel, accept, trust, and love yourself!

Be in sisterhood now!

You are in!

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