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Speak your Mind

An Intimate Experience

The Program for private clients is an 8-week experience where you remember what it’s like to feel connected, whole, and loved. Where you are mentally, physically, spiritually, sexually, and emotionally fulfilled and empowered in your relationships; beginning with the one with yourself. This is where you step up and begin to ask for what you want confidently without fear getting in the way. This is where you experience receiving exactly what you ask for.

Ready to play?

For those who are self-aware, courageous, committed to growth, and who

  • want to feel close & connected in their relationships
  • want to be heard, seen, and appreciated by the people in their lives
  • want to stop feeling alone even when they’re around people
  • want to STOP doing all the work all the time (controlling, planning, initiating contact, holding up conversations) in relationships
  • want to know what they want confidently ask for what they really want in relationships
  • want to receive love, pleasure, and joy just by being themselves

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CBSM Program Features

This is where rubber meets the road! In the Program, Sophia teaches two powerful and simple tools – which she practices daily – that completely shift your thoughts, your beliefs, and your behaviors around self-love and relationships – the trifecta of change. Shifting all three is what changes how you experience intimacy in your relationships. The tools are Body Tracking and Feeling Messages. It’s a complete reset and re-patterning. Feeling your feelings in your body and speaking the truth are what create conscious relationships where you are no longer co-dependent; you are co-creative!

In only 8 weeks! This is an Intensive Program (i.e. accelerated in your growth). It’s not theory or intellectual masturbation. You WILL practice and experience shifts if you practice and do the work.

In fact, you will begin to experience shifts immediately in week one. Sophia has seen this happen with every client who has enrolled. In the Program, you will dive in, take leaps, and discover who you are again as a joyful, fulfilled, loving, powerful creator. To be a creator means to allow yourself to trust, to create, to feel, to express, and to receive love. The allowing, NOT WORKING, is what returns to you what you want. The way you see yourself and experience relationships will change forever!

The tools and practices are simple and they will rock every belief you’ve ever had about your Self, relationships, and the world. This is not a lecture series. You will take action if you want to feel different and see different results in your life. You’ll see and feel results immediately.

How it's done

The Program is live and virtual, private coaching with Sophia. It is 8 consecutive weeks for 50-60 minutes per session. An added bonus is each session is recorded and you have access to the recordings forever. The recordings are for your eyes only and are a great benefit on multiple levels. They allow you to literally witness your progress and give you many opportunities to celebrate. We often criticize ourselves for not being enough. The recorded sessions disprove that over and over again.


Program HQ

Sophia creates an exclusive member page for each client who enrolls. The page is only shared with you and includes all session recordings, in-depth descriptions and instructions for practices she teaches, and bonus material she often drops in there as a sweet surprise for your individual growth and benefit. There is also a private Facebook group for all Program members past and present. It’s your community where you are encouraged to share your triumphs and ask for help.


Unlimited Support and Accountability

A major feature of the Program is unlimited EMAIL support. Sophia expects you to check-in via email every week. She encourages multiple check-ins and she reads every email. It’s an opportunity for troubleshooting, flash coaching, and being witnessed. Check-ins increase success by keeping clients accountable and feeling supported. Clients who use this feature accelerate their learning and it sinks in deeper. Writing is a powerful healing tool for any process.

Program Bonuses

Each client is unique and Sophia has many tools to share depending on your needs. She ALWAYS gives amazing bonuses that compliment the Program. Bonuses she has given: Somatic coaching (the incredible Yoga session), books, yoni egg, various masterclasses, extra coaching sessions, valuable resources, connections to healing practitioners, admission to events, and lots more she intuits while playing with clients.

The CBSM Progam is $2000

Payment plans are available. Please complete an application and schedule your complimentary consultation to see if this program is right for you.

It's here!!!

The Connect to your Body::Speak your Mind Program is now available in a group format for enrollment! You receive access to all the teaching, tools, and skills immediately! You are transformed at your own pace within Sisterhood. Check it out below and enroll today!






Feel, accept, trust, and love yourself!

You are in!





Feel, accept, trust, and love yourself!

Be in sisterhood now!

You are in!

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