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Today I share very personal stuff straight out of my journal that I wrote a few months ago. It was powerful to write and to see the contrast. I’m sharing because I’m asking you to dive deep into your own story so you can finally begin the path to freedom. As I’ve mentioned many times, your unconscious and programmed patterns of thought, beliefs, and behavior rule your life. It’s more powerful than you can imagine. The only way out is to fully notice and know what those patterns are, to acknowledge them and own your responsibility in changing them, and then to take action to shift lovingly. You must love yourself through this…If you don’t know how, ask for help. We can help you!

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When I was reading Conscious Loving, memories of the past arose and I began to reflect on what I’ve re-created from my past relationships, mainly the one with my father (who I have forgiven, who I love, and am close with now). What was my experience of my relationship with dad? I asked myself. This is very deep work that I’m able to access because I’ve done a ton of excavating over the years WITH HELP FROM PROFESSIONALS.

(DO NOT DO THIS ALONE. In fact, you cannot do this alone. It’s almost impossible. You need help and a guide.)

The above writing is what came out of me. I chose men who re-created my relationship with dad. It’s all I knew. The relationships with men re-created my feelings and experience. I don’t judge myself for doing this. I feel love and compassion for myself.

I decided in 2018 that I wouldn’t do this anymore. The unconscious has become conscious and I can make different choices because I don’t need to re-create these patterns anymore. I was never a victim. I see the situations differently now. I have flowered into a new version of myself. I brought these people to me. Because I don’t need to re-create these patterns, I am now manifesting people and relationships that make me feel…

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As you can see, I am attracting people and relationships where I am all of the above. Everything I wrote is true. It’s not future desire. It’s all happening right now. It shows me how far I have come and the love for myself. With spring, I see new life.

What are you re-creating?

What are you manifesting in your life? Look at what’s happening in your life. You are bringing this in. Take full responsibility for what is happening. That’s first. Look at the results, not what you desire. The results will tell you what you are actually desiring.

I emphasize that you cannot do this alone. Talk to me or your therapist or someone who will guide you through this process of discovery. Stop wasting time doing this on your own. I’m an expert at this. Allow me to guide you. The other side of knowledge is freedom, joy, and love that is with you at all times.

We love you fiercely,

Sophia & Heather

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Feel, accept, trust, and love yourself!

You are in!

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