Feel your body 


We roll December 2 – 6!

A community-based, self-paced adventure back into your BODY

(and did I mention it’s absolutely 100% FREE?!)

5 minutes a day for 5 days is all it takes!

You can feel your body in a way you never have. This journey is essential to feel like yourself again. It’s time to reconnect with who you are so you can feel more love, more joy, and have deeper relationships.

step-by-step guidance

You will receive daily inspiration and ONE simple action each day for 5 days that will turn your doubt and fear into deep connection and love.

Ditch the body shame, guilt, and doubt

You will go from avoiding your body to self-acceptance, self-trust, and awe of your gorgeous, sweet, and wise body.

feel empowered

The body has a lot to tell you and you know this intuitively. Once you begin feeling your body, you’ll hear it, make empowered decisions in your life, enjoy your relationships, and tap into a well of limitless courage. Yes! This is what happens when you feel your body.

self-love for the win!

This journey will rock your world. Hundreds of women around the world have been on it and it has transformed their lives. It’s simple and challenging. It’s for women who are courageous, committed, and ready to really know and love themselves. NOT for the faint of heart.

And if you need one more reason:

You’ll do all of this with the support, encouragement and help of other like-minded women who all have the same desires

This is how it Works

The journey begins at the same time for everyone. You can begin right away or it may take you a few days to dive in. It’s all good! You have access to the inspiration and daily prompts forever!

Every day for 5 days

you will receive an email with a short video describing the action for the day. You’ll also receive inspiration! Remember, you only need 5 minutes to complete the action. It’s worth every second!

You have access to an intimate sisterhood!

Magic happens in community. If you choose to share, contribute, participate, and cheerlead, you will receive many rewards! There’s nothing like belonging, being seen, heard, witnessed, and acknowledged for the incredible woman that you are! You are NOT alone in your struggle! The community has your back!

Hi! we are Sophia & Heather

Co-Creators of Radical Pleasurist, biz partners, and besties! We have been on many journeys in our lives and the one back into our bodies has been the most challenging and the most pleasurable! We’ve experienced it all: meditation, yoga, debilitating illness, chronic pain, abuse, trauma, avoidance, numbness, sexual struggles, relationship struggles, ice queen, being a pleaser.

We keep returning to the same conclusion: to be fully alive, to laugh loudly, to be completely ourselves, to love without bounds, to have incredibly authentic and delicious relationships with everybody, to feel full life pleasure – WE MUST FEEL AND CONNECT WITH OUR BODIES. There is no way around this. We’ve tried it. We’ve tried to analyze, logic, intellectualize, and think our way out of suffering and pain. We’ve tried to ignore our bodies with grave consequences. It is when we courageously feel our bodies and everything our bodies has to offer us; that is when we feel deep love, compassion, grace, and love. This reverberates and extends into our daily lives and relationships.

Don’t take our word for it! Experience it for yourself! Play, explore, experiment, and BE OPEN! All you have to do is create and give yourself 5 minutes a day for 5 days to lovingly feel your body and experience the deep wisdom and pleasure of being in your body. No more avoiding! No more suffering through pain! Isn’t your life worth the pleasure you’ll experience in only 5 days?

Take this journey with your sisters and start loving yourself today!

This all sounds great but what if….

...I don’t have 5 minutes a day to complete the action?

This journey is about slowing down, pausing, and creating 5 minutes in your life to feel your body and to feel good. Are you really telling us that you can’t do that? We assure you that you can do this and it will transform your entire day (and life). We have been on this journey many times and it never ceases to amaze us. Commit, be courageous, and love yourself. YOU DESERVE IT!

...this journey pushes my buttons and triggers me?

Awesome! Then you are truly committed and courageous! Keep going. First breathe. Cry. Feel whatever you feel. The sisterhood has your back. Rely on us. Ask for help. We got you!

...I need help or have questions?

Join the sisterhood and women across the globe! We’re in this together. Ask questions and share your wisdom in the private Facebook group.

Will you take this journey with us?

WE begin on December 2nd!

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Feel, accept, trust, and love yourself!

You are in!





Feel, accept, trust, and love yourself!

Be in sisterhood now!

You are in!

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