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Tenuous Beginning

Learning from the pastI revisit my past with a similar feeling of excitement and enjoyment that I get from re-reading a favorite novel or re-watching a particularly good movie. I usually skip over the less important bits and immerse myself in the experience of the...

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It’s in the Body

The brain is all that matters, right?We all begin somewhere. Heather and I have been heartstorming and going back. Way back to when we first knew that there was something other than our cognitive, logical brain that did the thinking. My first career was as a...

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Not the same personToday I share very personal stuff straight out of my journal that I wrote a few months ago. It was powerful to write and to see the contrast. I'm sharing because I'm asking you to dive deep into your own story so you can finally begin the path to...

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Seeing yourself anewDo you know what it feels like to lose your shit, to totally break down, be completely unfiltered, speak and behave freely and KNOW that no matter what you bring and show of your Self, you will NEVER be left, abandoned, criticized, and you will be...

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The light is comingI am feeling connected to the self I was 20 years ago. I'm remembering my first love and music during that time. It was a profound time in my life. I made choices that set me on a path and I'm grateful for every single moment. 20 years later, I am...

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Pause & Slow Down

Permission to breatheLast year, I read The Surrender Experiment by Michael Singer. I didn't want to at first. I thought "I got this. I am doing all the things right now to be spiritual and be one with the world and God and to surrender. Blah blah blah". The usual...

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