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The Upward Spiral

"Oh crap, not this again..."That was something I used to find myself saying frequently. It captures my consistently negative and defeatist attitude and was how I greeted most challenges. I was able to recognize that something felt like a familiar experience, but I...

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The Value of Pain?

Journal Entry: May 3, 2019 [This entry was a reflection upon a large part of 2018] Is there value in pain? Did grief bring me to ACIM (A Course in Miracles)? I felt grief. A lot of it. I felt frustrated wondering when it would end. I had many stories reliving ad...

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Sh*t ton of bodywork

I’ve written before that I enjoy visiting my former self and noticing the ways that I experience life both differently than in the past as well as all the ways it is similar to my current experience. I have excellent data; I made voice recordings, videos and have some...

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Yoga F*cked Me Up

Winter 2009. I sat in the welcome area of Moksha yoga scanning the fliers. I was supporting a teacher-in-training who needed folks for her thesis. Sounded interesting and I was considering practicing more yoga in my life. The Yoga Teacher Training flier stood out to...

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Adversary to Ally

I am a recovering ice queen and I am thawing. I can feel the softening at a deep, cellular level. I can also feel my abdominal wall muscles knitting together; it’s similar to a corset being smoothly and slowly pulled tighter and tighter. Both my morning yoga and...

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Nothing was Broken

Before I moved to Portland, I lived in Chicago and worked in a hospital as a therapist and group facilitator. If you read part one of my Origin Story (read it here), you’ll remember that I began meditating hard core and everything changed for me internally. When...

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